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Bitch New York Gets a Bulldog!

Posted on June 27 2012

Here at Bitch New York, we are known for our Chihuahua herd but last week we received the most incredible gift, courtesy of Mind of Couture. It was a life-size statue of a Bulldog, painted in the most stunning coat of silver with pink nails. She is fabulous! We named her Penelope in honor of one of our very special clients. Penelope has now become the center of attention here at Bitch New York! The Chihuahuas are still getting used to her but I think they are going to be great friends (once they stop barking at her in the middle of the night).

The designer was inspired to create these fabulous works of art out of her love for her very own Bulldog, Tia Belle. Each creation is hand-painted and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Pedigree Designation. Each Bulldog is formed out of a special hand-mixed resin and given life-like eyes, then painted. The first collection is called the Trinity and consists of Golden Boy (Gold), Platinum Lady (Silver) and The Duke (Rose Gold). We can't forget to mention the very fiery Miss Scarlet (Red). Choose one to match your decor today!

Each Bulldog stands 17" tall, 15" wide and 19" deep, weighing in at 10 lbs. with a neck size of 20". The best part of the collection is the fact that a portion of the profits from the sale of each Bulldog is donated to charities that support dog adoption and proper treatment for all animals. We want to thank MOC for allowing us to be the only online retailer to offer these special creations to the world!



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