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Bouncing Into Spring

Posted on May 08 2018

Spring is in full swing. Flowers have bloomed, the days are longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. People are heading out to the beach, visiting National Parks, Lakes or the Dog Park! We've been busy and compiled a list of some of our Spring Must Have's for when you're out and about with your dogs. 

Dogs and Horses have been a part of our Designer Showcase for quite a while now. Using the finest soft Italian Leather, Soft suede lining and finished with nickel-plated fittings and featuring a signature contour 'horizon' through the middle these collars are perfect for Greyhounds and Whippets. The Horizon Hound Dog Collars can be found on-site and are available in Pink, Blue, Yellow, Tangerine, Claret, and Snakebite. 

What do you look for in a dog harness? A big factor for us is style and comfort. The Legacy collection of harnesses provides great comfort, they look stylish and with the Artificial Leather and air mesh design your pooch will be all set to go to the dog park! 

 Now we all know someone ( or maybe we own one & just won't admit to it ) who has that dog that just wants to be carried everywhere they go. "Hey Mom, Hey Dad. I need to go outside to pee. Can you carry me out there, it's not that hard to walk but I really just want to be carried"... You know the drill. Bitch New York has so many dog carriers that range from cute and casual to the sleek and exotic. No matter if you're heading out on vacation or just taking a quick trip to the groomers, your pooch will be nice and snug and can travel in style. 


Toys are a fantastic way to interact with your dog. Soft and Plush, Agility or the classic Tug-Of-War Style provide hours of fun in the sun for you both yourself and your dog. Soft Plush toys like the Mini Dragon are perfect for the dogs when they're indoors. It gives them something to play with whilst you're watching your favorite TV show, heck it even makes a great traveling companion for your dog in the car. The Natural Cotton and Leather Tug Football and the Wox Dog Toy are fantastic for the dogs who love to have games of Tug-O-War. The leather tug football comes with no glue, staples rivets, etc that could be harmful to pets. The Wox has a gentle grip making it easy on human hands and dog jaws alike, making way for epic tug-o-wars. Wox has a fascinating & unpredictable wiggly bounce and is safe and fun. For some fun that's ready to go in seconds, the P.L.A.Y tunnel pops up and proves a fun place for your dog to run through. It unfolds in seconds and when you're ready to go it folds away in a few easy steps. Now some of our favorites are the Zisc Dog ToyBumi Dog Toy are the perfect toys for those trips to the beach. Plenty of fun and exercise to be had with these toys. It's a great way for you to get some exercise in as well as keeping your dog in great shape. You can also store these in a dog toy box.


All that running around etc. can really tire your dog out. We have a large selection of dog car seats for your pooch. With many styles to choose from, there are Fun seats such as the "Gwen Stephani Driving Kit" by Suck Right Dog Accessories. Classic seats such as the Driving Kit Dog Car Seat by Louisdog. One of our favorites though is the Luxury Highback Console Dog Seat.



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