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Design Your Dog’s Bed with Smucci Too!

Posted on May 25 2014

White and Woven

Glam. Nature. Patterns. Pop of color. There's no limit to the combinations you can create with Smucci Too!, this innovative pet bed company that's made it easy and cost-effective to design your dog's bed just how you like it. Parts are created to be easily interchangeable, washable, and stand up to the elements. And, they're beautiful! You won't find two beds exactly the same.
Hollywood Glam

Tell us about these beds!
The Smucci Too! story is a journey that began a long time ago. Founded in 2009 by Gary and Debi Kahn, a retired OB-GYN and a retired Registered Nurse, the germ of the idea started as an art project for Debi. An avid animal lover and rescuer, Debi has had lots of pets as far back as she can remember. "My mother is still with us and lives nearby," Debi shared. "We were looking at a bunch of old photos recently. I have four younger sisters. In the pictures, all of my sisters are sitting around with dolls on their laps. I always had an animal in mine." Debi started making beds for their own animals and few friends, but it was a long and costly process. They wanted to be able to share it with more people, and with a product that was practical, washable and beautiful. "We thought creating a build-a-bed concept would make it fun," she explains. "Graphic panels, or the walls of the bed, would slide in and out of the track system on the bed base, and could be printed with original artwork, photographed scenery, or digital designs. The feet, which would screw to the bed base, could be made available in lots of exciting colors." Every part became launch points for creative design. "We could put in a panel for the dog's birthday or for the holidays. It was a no brainer for me because it's about celebrating their lives," Kahn added. The beds come in a variety of themes: Serenity/Nature; Bold Colors/Fashion & Trends and Classic Design with a Glamorous Twist. They withstand the elements - rain, sun - and panels are UV-cured, so they won't fade. It also resists wear and tear, and is completely waterproof; you can actually hose the bed off, so it's great for seniors who may have accidents.

Sassy and Classy

Giving Back

Debi and Gary wouldn't be the ardent animal lovers and rescuers they are without making sure they gave back. Smucci Too! The Rescue is their program to benefit shelters. "We donate 40-50 beds a year to shelters, both for fundraisers and to shelters directly," Gary explained. "If someone adopted an animal, they got a bed." They also donate professional photography services to shelters, to assist them in getting their animals adopted. And, because they both come from a medical background, they also donate beds for fundraisers for a cancer center in their home state of Ohio. Nice!


In Summary
Smucci Too! has changed the game in pet beds, hands down. For the first time, the complete bed is interchangeable, waterproof, washable, tough…all in one. We can get creative and it’s affordable enough to have several options for different occasions. “We want to put a smile on people’s faces,” Debi shares. “We started this company because of our love for animals, which is reflected in everything we do. We share our home with 18 of our own rescues and take many of them (not all of them at the same time!) to work with us every day. It seems everything we do…we do with animals in mind!” For us, that’s a win-win.


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