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Everybody Could Use a Hug and Lots of Kisses!

Posted on September 02 2011

Today we received a personalized dog necklace for our baby boy, Beckham that the designer has creatively named "Hugs." Befitting of his namesake, the necklace is tastefully done in blue and black with soccer balls. The soccer balls are also dangling here and there for a bit more pizzazz! Now that's the way you make a necklace for a male dog! Normally he is not terribly excited to receive jewelry as a gift instead of treats BUT it appears that he likes his new neckwear as you can see by the great photos that he let me take while he was modeling it! Thanks to Kisses All Around, anyone can have a personalized necklace for their precious pup! You name it and we'll make it. You can give your dog a "hug" and bet you will get a lot of kisses! I did. :)


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