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For the Love of CRYSTALS!

Posted on October 05 2012

Just when I thought that the artistry and vision that is inherent in Rebecca Bissi's work could not be outdone, a box was delivered to my door. From the outside, it appeared to be an ordinary box. But once I got past the routine packing tape, a black tulle ribbon was peeking out of the inside. The excitement started to build. A shiny, white box labeled Chien Coature was revealed. The box was secured by a black tulle bow and the bow was adorned with a glimmering pink crystal Diva Dangle - an unexpected surprise - but just an amuse-bouche, as the real dessert was still inside the box!

Upon opening the box, beneath the billowy gold tissue paper was a black velvet pouch. Just another little touch that shows this designer's exceptional attention to detail that provides the customer with a fully sensational experience! At last, the "Pièce de Résistance" - a Petal Bubbles hand-knit sweater for Aspen.

What are a little girl's favorite things? Pink and Sparkles! How appropriate!

We promptly summoned her highness and put the scrumptiously soft and silky, little sparkling sweater on her and she was beaming like it was her birthday! In fact, her birthday just happened to be last week and she turned four years old. Thank you, Rebbeca for the beautiful birthday present and for yet again producing another remarkably incredible work of art that cannot truly be described with mere words. This is an experience that you need all your senses for.


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