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Green Is The New Black...Yes, for Doggy Couture Too!

Posted on October 22 2013

You may have seen more of the color green than usual lately, in clothing, accessories, even dog wear. There’s a good reason for that. According to the fashion cognoscenti, green is the new black.

Why Green?

Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, named Emerald Green the color of 2013, and the fashion world has taken its cue. Pantone describes the color as lively, radiant and lush. You can see variations of it in everything from ready-to-wear and couture to accessories and home decor. We’re going to show you how to incorporate human fashion trends into doggy couture.

It Has A History…

But it also seems the emerald has a long and vibrant history. It has been a gem of fascination in cultures around the world for over six thousand years, sometimes, carat for carat, being valued much more highly than a diamond. Aristotle was a big fan of the gemstone and believed it to ward off illnesses when worn around one's neck. We girls have long known the power of gems! The ancient Egyptians believed emeralds represented fertility and rebirth; ancient Romans believed it to be calming and wore it in battle. Legends during the realm of King Arthur believed the Holy Grail was fashioned from an emerald. And the emerald was a favorite gem of Cleopatra.

On The Runway

The runways during Fall 2013 Fashion Week were abuzz with Emerald. Vivienne Westwood showcased a fun emerald and black plaid coat. Monique Lhuillier presented stunning emerald red carpet ready dresses and gowns. And Marc Jacobs showed more muted shades of greens.

For Our Dogs

For doggy fashion, let's look at what's practical and makes sense for our pups. If you want to make a bold statement, an emerald green coat or scarf will pop on the street and look very smart on black dogs, especially. Your dog can still be very stylish in a rich, fall-colored green hue. Think forest. This is a color that transcends occasion as it can be sporty or luxe, depending on the style of the garment. There are wonderful faux leathers and faux furs in shades of green as well, for those who are interested in designing and sewing your own coat.

And, for those who just want a hint of the trend, try a green accessory like this Celtic green heart id tag

or this great bead embellishment or the kangaroo leather beaded leash.

For fall dresses or vests for the girls, you can incorporate green into plaids, which are also very on-trend this season, or in a floral or color block pattern. This stunning Chien Coature Pine Mist Harness Vest is to die for!

Have fun with it and make it an expression of the personality of your dog and you!

Guest Blog -

Jody Miller-Young, Dog Fashion Expert & Blogger, Bark and Swagger



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