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Grrowl! Animal Prints on Trend in Doggy Fashion!

Posted on November 24 2013

"Who's that?" wondered Sophie, ears standing erect and nostrils flaring. She wasn't staring at another dog coming around the corner or a squirrel in the park. Sophie was wondering who that fine-looking (if not straggly) pup was in the mirror, wearing a zebra print dog coat! :-) And Sophie isn't the only one rocking exotics this season. Animal prints, especially black and whites and leopards of all colors, are one of the hottest trends. If you're like me and want to have fun with the latest trends for your dog (or cat...some of our feline friends do wear clothes and accessories), then join me in discovering some great animal print clothing and accessories available and why we love them so. Let's go!

The History of Animal Prints

We know the cavemen wore the skins of the animals they killed for food to keep them warm and protect their bodies from the elements. That's how it started. And our love affair with animal prints has endured. Some say this affinity is actually embedded in our DNA from those times! I have to give props to Shauna's Vintage Closet, where I found some great historical tidbits about the history of animal prints. Noblemen treasured them. They were exotic and imbued status upon the wearer. Some, like from Africa, were very difficult to find and only the rich and powerful could acquire them. But it took the pomp and circumstance of Hollywood to bring animal prints into modern times, of course! Apparently, in 1925 during the height of the excess and adventure of the Roaring Twenties, American film star Marian Nixon paraded down Hollywood Boulevard walking her pet leopard, and wearing a matching leopard coat. Now, even for those crazy '20s, that was something to see! It caused quite the sensation. During the 1940's it was worn by ladies in support of the women's movement. Animal prints are empowering! Sex symbol Bettie Page loved to wear cheetah prints and Christian Dior introduced a leopard print fabric for dresses. But in the '50s during a trip to Japan on her honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe wore a leopard print scarf and the masses responded. The leopard print became mainstream. After that, it was appropriated. By everyone. In the '60s the hippies utilized it; in the 70's it was the punks. Today, it is a trend that doesn't quit and this fall, it's bigger than ever.

Making Animal Prints Work for your Dog

New Yorker Grey Coat

There's so much to choose from, it's like being a kid in a candy store. This grey velvet dog coat with a leopard patterned faux fur collar is a smart look. I love the belt feature with the little gold-buttoned pockets. And check out the awesome neon pink lining!
Brrr Leopard Dog Coat

How glamorous this is! Very chic leopard dog coat with a black satin bow and a little bejeweled princess crown, because a true furry princess will step out in this stylish piece. Faux fur and toasty.

Leopard Velvet Haute Collar

In the interest of full disclosure, this item is designed and made by my dog apparel company, Couture by Sophie. A chic and cute accessory for your dog, this leopard velvet Haute Collar features 100% cotton velvet, a poppy red cotton lining, and a crystal button snap closure. All materials used are cruelty-free and 10% of each item sold benefits the American Humane Association, whose mission is to create a more humane and compassionate world by ending abuse and neglect of children and animals.
Lipstick and Tiger Stripe Dog Bed
Check out this very cool and fashionable tiger-striped dog bed! This bed comes with interchangeable panels so you can change the look of the bed whenever you'd like.  Even the cushion color is changeable.  When you want a change you can just purchase a new graphic panel. The base has a wipeable, laminate surface. The graphic panels are printed onto a plastic substrate which is flexible, bendable, & wipeable. The feet are solid hardwood. The pet pillow is a foam cushion with a Minky cover. Everything is easy to clean. The pillow cover is washable. The set includes Bed Base with Track System, Graphic Panel with Trim, and Minky Cover. Check the landing page of the item for all of the additional options.

In Summary
Having one piece of animal print this fall/winter season in your dog's wardrobe will add a fun, exciting and fresh look. However, it can be such fun, we may tend to overdo it. Don't. Too much of a good thing isn't good anymore and screams overkill. And please, if you're going for an animal print fur coat, go faux. There are beautiful faux fur fabrics here. Enjoy your safari hunt for fabulous exotics with this dog clothing!

Guest Blog:
Jody Miller-Young
Dog Fashion Expert and Blogger
Bark and Swagger


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