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Have A Photo-Shoot And Get ‘Papped’ With Your Pooch

Posted on July 27 2011

American dog owners spend a great deal of time and money pampering their pets – and it now seems that more people than ever are taking it to the next step by organizing photo-shoots with their canine companions.

Buying everything from luxury dog beds to designer pet clothes is simple thanks to the exclusive product range available for us good folks here at Bitch New York, but what exactly does a pet photo-shoot involve and how best can you achieve snap-shot moments to treasure for years to come? Well, companies like Wish specialize in sorting everything out for you, although if you’d rather not take the easy option, then here are a few hints for you to consider:

Do it yourself

Your pooch will be most at ease when there’s just the two of you or if there are a few select friends and family in attendance, so why not spare yourself the expense of having to hire a professional and do it yourself? That way you can put your own unique stamp on the pictures and save yourself a few extras dollars that could be put towards that blinged-up collar you’ve had your eye on for a while, or maybe something a little more practical, like a dog carrier. The best ‘natural’ images are more likely to come when your furry friend is relaxed and in familiar surroundings.

Alternatively, hire a photographer

If you don’t fancy yourself as a photographer and you want to star in the pictures yourself along with your dog buddy, then it probably is worth looking into hiring a photographer for an hour or two. They’ll be able to provide you with stunning pictures taken in either a studio or your own home and will have the know-how on the best ways to use things like lighting to get the best possible results.

Get a specialist photographer

You get what you pay for, as the old adage goes. And it certainly applies when you want to get a few special snaps of you and your beloved pet. If money is not an issue, then get a specialist photographer involved in the whole process. They’ll have the experience of dealing with a range of different animals coupled with the expertise of knowing what will work best with certain breeds of dogs and in certain environments, not to mention having the best equipment for doing the job. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it properly to ensure you end up with an end product that you’re entirely happy with.

Be patient

No matter how you go about getting those priceless snaps of your dog, a certain degree of patience will be required. It could take hours to capture that one iconic image that you’re after so don’t expect it to be as easy as dressing up your pooch, placing them in a certain position and snapping away. Expect the unexpected and you’ll get what you’d expect from a professional photography session.


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