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How To Truly Pamper Your Pup

Posted on May 03 2011

For most dog owners, their pet is a major part of their family, so it’s only natural that you want to pamper him. The prize for pet pampering certainly goes to Louise Harris, who reportedly spent $160,000 on her three dogs in the last six years. Of course, what your dog considers to be pampering may be completely different than what you might there. Here are some tips to help you help Fido feel totally at ease:

1. Homemade treats: Most dogs think with their stomachs, so any special treats you can get or make for them will really get their hearts thumping. Try boiling beef liver and then sprinkle it with garlic powder before baking it until it dries. If cooking up a special treat isn’t your idea of a great time, there are plenty of upscale dog treats that he will love just as much as anything you can attempt to make.

2. Playdates: If your dog is friendly toward other animals, take him to a pet-friendly park. Opt for one with an off-leash area if you really trust Fido to relax with other furry friends.

3. Tennis ball launcher: Dogs that love to play fetch will appreciate a tennis ball launcher. It just keeps tossing out balls, and you don’t even have to do anything!

4. Comfortable dog carriers: If you travel with your pooch a lot, dress him up with a nice pet carrier that will help him relax during a long car trip. Make sure that the dog carrier is both relaxing and safe so that it will protect him in the event of an accident.

5. Dog Strollers: People who enjoy spending a lot of time taking a walk should look into a special dog stroller. Small dogs are not always excited about going for a walk or a run, so a dog stroller is a great way to enjoy your favorite activity with your pooch while still pampering him.

6. Pristine food bowls: Since food is so high on your dog’s list of priorities, you can really make him feel special with a nice dog food bowl. Ditch the plain plastic one and opt for a nice china or ceramic dog bowl to make every meal feel like something special.

7. Clothing: Who doesn’t love to dress up their pooch with the latest fashions? Dog clothing is especially welcome for some dogs during the winter when the weather is at its coldest. If your dog shivers, or even if he likes to look his best, there are numerous options to keep him in style with the latest dog fashions.

8. Doggles: Many dog owners forget all about their pet’s eyes, which can be damaged if your neighborhood sees a lot of wind. Invest in a set of Doggles or dog eyewear to help protect pooch’s face and eyes from the wind.


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