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Just in time for summer...

Posted on May 31 2011

Now featuring the TWO-IN-ONE Calming/Cooling Pet Bandana

The Herbal Bandana is a gentle, effective alternative to dangerous pharmaceuticals ~ just tie around your pet's neck for a calm, placid pet within minutes! These herbal cat and dog bandanas are totally washable, and you may renew their herbs any time you like! The BEST, most cost-effective, holistic, calming pet product available ~ completely natural!

BONUS ~ We've included a CHILLER PAC at no extra charge, so your pet can stay calm and cool...the two pouches are completely interchangeable! It works on the principle of evaporative cooling ~ filled with safe, non-toxic water-absorbing polymer crystals...will stay hydrated for days...and may be used 1000's of times!


Lavender and Chamomile are traditionally known as herbs proven to calm down the central nervous systems of humans and animals alike. Herbal Pet Bandanas work by increasing Alpha brain waves, a brain activity that occurs when one is in a quiet, relaxed state. Additionally, inhaling these herbal essential oils diminishes the brain's Beta waves which stimulate and activate awareness. Balsam has been added for additional aromatherapy and a fresh, outdoorsy balance to this blend.

REVIEW: Brought home a bandana for Sydney. As it turned out, a storm blew through that very night. She used to shake like crazy from fear, but in her later years would just pant loud enough to wake me up. So I got up, tied her calming bandana around her neck, and...I'm not kidding - in five minutes there was no sound at all. At first, I thought she may have passed out because that had NEVER happened before. Checked on her, and found her sleeping peacefully. The lightning continued but the panting had stopped! I thought, "No WAY". This bandana really works. I've got to tell you, "Thanks for an amazing product"! Tim Paull



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