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Lead me to a Groomer, I can't do this!

Posted on June 12 2011

If you can't do it yourself, groomers are available to make your dog look like a star.

There are three different types of groomers. Each one functions a little differently to complete the same job. They will make your favorite dog look beautiful.

Home-based groomers are those who bring the dogs into their own homes to complete the task. Some may have a grooming shop in their yard or converted garage. Others will do it within the home itself. This is a comfortable setting for the dog and if they aren't too busy, you may be able to wait for the dog to be groomed. This will save a lot of time and give you an opportunity to learn the how-tos of grooming. If you feel confident after a few visits you may choose to do it yourself at home.

Mobile groomers have their groom shops in vans. The vans have been converted to a grooming shop and they will groom your dog in your driveway.

Your dog may enjoy this method because they have one dog at a time and there aren't as many distractions as there are in a grooming shop. The animals are never put in a cage and they don't have to sit, wait and watch other dogs get groomed before their time comes.

You may also notice that there is less separation anxiety when your dog is done by a mobile groomer. You can be there if you wish and that may be just what is needed to maintain the calm. There is also less chance of cross-contamination from other dogs when you are the only dog in the van.

Salons and grooming shops are available in almost every hamlet. The groomers have either attended grooming schools or learned from another groomer. These shops are usually very busy if the groomer is a good one.

If you choose to take your dog to a shop, your dog will most likely be crated until their turn comes and again while it waits for you. It is important to have your dog up to date on all of the necessary vaccinations if you choose to go to a shop.

Many of the groomers have gone to natural or green products for their care. Generally, they will advertise the fact that they use all green products. These products are more soothing for your dog's skin and are also less likely to cause allergies and skin breakdown.

Don't take your dog to a groomer that overbooks. It is important to know that your dog is getting all of the attention he deserves. In shops that are overbooked, they just become a number. This can lead to great anxiety for your dog. The groomers may become less patient with the dogs as the day goes on. Choose carefully.

Before you choose a grooming shop, look at it closely. Find out about their health regulations to be sure you aren't exposing your dog to potential illness. Also, check on their sanitation. How often are their tools cleaned. If you don't see the things that are being cleaned you may be at risk of infection from dirty clippers. Choose carefully.

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