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My BFF - is not only my dog!

Posted on February 10 2012

So like most of us, your BFF is your pet (we won't tell your best girlfriend!). Well, we were just introduced to a new kind of BFF...My Best Friends Fork! Yes, I said fork. We have all seen the YouTube videos of dogs eating off forks! That's because many of us dog lovers will treat our pets just like a member of the family. If your pet is sitting patiently by your side at dinner, admit it, you will slip him/her a piece of your meal off your fork! I do it all the time. For those of you who say "gross", you can go back to work and leave us crazy dog lovers to chat about this awesome new product that we received to test out and review.

This fork comes with a genuine Swarovski crystal embedded in the handle just above a little paw stamp logo. How couture!!!? They are so pretty that it's hard to hide them away in the silverware drawer. The handle is curved to fit around your finger so that when your overzealous pet tries to snatch the food from the fork, they can't take the fork with them and choke on it or worse....swallow it! The tines are shorter than a human fork and rounded for safety. We are all about safety around here! So the next time you see a friend feeding their dog from a fork, get them a gift.....My Pink, Blue or Clear! And help us save a life. :)


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