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O My Dog is "Oh My, Delicious!"

Posted on November 27 2011

Last week we received a sample of each of the O My Dog shampoos from their line. We are a pack of six so we have to pencil in several hours to do baths around here. We had the perfect opportunity on the day before Thanksgiving. The first to get into the tub was Aspen. She is white so we decided to use the Lighten-Up Coat Whitener. OMG! Don't get nervous when you first pour it out of the is solid PURPLE! After realizing that she was not going to be lavender for the rest of her life, I could not stop sniffing the air. This is the BEST smelling shampoo I have ever tried. It smelled so good that I used it on Winston, who is not white but I figured he was light enough. (I just had to use it again!)

I used Stinky Pooch, Puppy and Nurture on Ryleigh, Lola, and Beckham (who was hiding under the end table just as soon as he realized it was bath day!).

The finale was Havana who has the thickest coat. So after her shampoo, we used the Knotty Be Gone Conditioner and she was silky soft and smelling delicious. We give twenty-four paws up for the whole line!


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