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Rescue Dogs To The Rescue, Dogs!

Posted on May 30 2019

Rescue Dogs To The Rescue, Dogs!

When you're a dog person, you just know it.  You probably grew up with a dog or two, or you have just always been a dog lover.  We never really know quite when it happened, but it happened and now you are a Dog Person!  There's probably a 12 step program for all of us somewhere.  If not, we should start one...Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm a dog lover. 

My story was I always had dogs growing up and somehow my life feels different/empty without a furry companion.  But, then we can all name someone who just doesn't like dogs or is scared of them, probably from some event in their childhood or something along those lines.  I have been spending this week thinking about those people and how to change that way of thinking, bring those people over to the bark side (see what I did there?) and give them a new appreciation for dogs.

I was thinking about this because of a conversation I had with one of our customers.  She was telling me all about her new little pup and how much she loves him and how he came to live with her.  Turns out, she was one of those people who was a little bit scared of dogs.  That is until she happened by a rescue and met the love of her life.  Who better to take on such a task but a rescue dog!  Someone who hasn't always had the best start and needs to see that life gets better, teaching someone who hasn't had the best introduction to the world of dogs and needs to learn to love them.  

Having several rescue dogs myself, I know the joys of making up for the horrible situations mine came from, watching the inhibitions and nerves melt away, little by little, and the overwhelming love you get from a rescue pup, as if somehow they know you saved them!  I can recall the last dog that became part of my pack.  Every time you looked like you might want to touch him, he came unglued.  Within a matter of days, that melted away.  Then came his obsession with toys, the very reason we have two baskets full.  Then came his need to be with you, on your shoulder, in your lap, or just being carried around all day long.  The ultimate and the one I will never forget is the day he rolled over on his back and showed me his tummy for some much-needed rubs!  That one took some time but was worthy of a victory dance!!!  I expect that the customer I was speaking with will have very similar stories about her little trip through life with one handsome little boy named Caleb.

So, here's the conclusion to all my thinking this week. For all you rescue pups out there, if you are following along, please turn to page 3 of your manuals. Work on your soulful puppy eyes. You know the look. We've all seen it thrown our way a time or two.  Practice giving kisses, even the ones that end up with your tongue up your new owners' nose. Just maybe reserve that one for later. Turn on the charm and make them feel like they are the only prospect in the room!  And, for people who are a little bit apprehensive about dogs, look into those soulful eyes. Really look. Ask for a kiss, you won't regret it. Give even the smallest scratch behind the ears or, if the opportunity presents itself, a belly rub. Above all else, give a chance to someone who desperately needs it, and you. It's the best and most rewarding thing you could ever do. Trust!


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