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Spring Days!

Posted on April 18 2017

Spring is definitely here. The days are getting longer and warmer and we're all starting to venture outside more and more with our dogs! Dog Parks, National Parks, beautiful sandy beaches or just a stroll through our favorite neighborhood. We've put together a list of what people are searching for on our site so that you have all the essentials needed for when you're out with your dog.

You're going to need a fun, yet stylish Harness when out walking. We fell in love with the "Cool Mesh Dog Harness" when we saw them our favorite was in Blue with Ukelele and Blue Hibiscus Applique. It's lightweight and the mesh design will help to keep your dog cool on those warmer days.  It also features a reinforced D-Ring.

Some might be lucky enough to have a dog that loves to exercise and run alongside us. We also know there are some whose dogs do not share the same enthusiasm we have for exercising. Bitch New York carries a large range of dog strollers and joggers for those who dogs enjoying being out in the open air but are not too enthused about running around. A must-have for Spring the "Jogger No Zip Dog Stroller" allows you to get your fitness on whilst providing great panoramic views for your dog. No Zip means just that. We all hate fumbling for zips, especially when they get stuck. Air tires provide a smooth ride on the paths. Also included is a pump just in case it's needed when you're out. Shown in Rugged Red, it's also available in Midnight and Forest.

These Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls are an essential must-have for when you're out and about with your dog. Conveniently fits into side pockets on your backpack, it can attach to leashes, backpacks, belts, collars and more with the quick release clip. It's available in several different colors to suit your dogs' taste!

We can't stress enough the importance of having ID tags attached to your dog's collars. We can't even begin to imagine the heartache of having your dog escape and not being found. Bitch New York has over 1200 styles of dog ID tags on our site in all kinds of fun shapes, styles, and themes. One of our absolute favorites is this Storm Trooper Dog ID Tag. Made from Aluminum and Copper, the finished product is covered in a special clear coat made specifically for metal to aid in protection and tarnishing.

Of course, some good footwear is essential too. These easy to wear, soft, strapless Slip On Paws Dog Booties with dotted tractions soles feature functional V-shaped reflector stripes. They are suitable for 3 seasons of walking, and for protecting paws from mud, hot pavement and rough asphalt.

Check out our dog bow ties too!


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