Stylish and Beneficial: Doggy Fashion
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Often seen as an extension of the owner’s fashion sense, doggy fashion can be seen by outsiders as a mere imposition on the dog’s natural state of undress. While we won’t argue that we just love to dress our dogs in cute designer wear, owners should feel reassured that it doesn’t always have to be about doggy fashion and that some canine clothing can actually benefit our companions’ health. The healthier your dog is, the more money you can save on your dog insurance and spend on some stylish accessories!

Just like humans, our dogs can suffer from extreme temperatures and will affect some more than most, whether it’s because of their size, genetic makeup or breed. Dogs are prone to losing body heat very quickly, and are thus susceptible to extreme temperatures, so a jacket will aid the dog in retaining its precious body heat during a cold snap. Similarly, they can be protected from the heat of the sun by some specially-made breathable clothing.

Clothes protect dogs’ coat and skin, which is particularly important for smaller dogs with shorter hair, and while you can’t stop your dog from rolling around in the dirt, you can provide protection against them picking up or scraping over anything harmful.

The added cover a dog jacket provides will help prevent flea infestation from other pets, and will, therefore, protect you, your family and your home against the danger of a potential parasitic invasion.

Jackets that prevent or lessen anxiety in your dog are now widely available. If your dog is of a nervous disposition and anything from loud noises and thunderstorms to social situations cause him or her any distress, then these specially-made wraps can help them get through the commotion and help them gain more confidence in the long term.

Anxiety jackets work by covering a large area of your dog’s body, sending different messages to its brain’s receptors, rerouting its focus and enabling it to let go of old brain patterns. These beneficial and fashionable jackets can be used to promote focus, self-confidence, and balance for more effective training and socialization with humans and other animals. Amazingly, they can also work to alleviate aggression, shyness, jumpiness, and can put a stop to destructive chewing, fear biting, fear of thunderstorms, touch sensitivity, grooming problems, car sickness, needless barking, and hyperactivity.

Whatever you do, though, remember that not all clothing is going to be suitable for your dog, and you should be careful when buying new items. Avoid ill-fitting and uncomfortable or distressing clothing. Perhaps your dog just needs a different size, or perhaps they don’t like the color! Whatever it is, your dog will let you know as soon as you put the clothing on them.
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