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The Best Herbal Pet Shampoo Ever Created!

Posted on June 24 2011

Yesterday I received a sample of a new Pet Shampoo with the claim to be the best herbal pet shampoo ever created. Since I have 6 Chihuahuas that can ALWAYS use a bath, I decided to test it out. This is a photo of Havana getting bathed with Happy Puppy Shampoo!

I found that the shampoo lathered very nicely and smelled great. My dogs don't like getting bathed so it is always hard to remove the shampoo completely from their fur. I think I can say that it did rather well in that department as Havana, one of my fluffier Chihuahuas always seems to be a soap sponge and in this case, we got done rather quickly. I noticed a feeling of her coat being "squeaky clean" so I assumed that all the shampoo was out, in which case, I have never experienced that to this degree.

Today, they still smell very nice and their coats seem to be very clean and smooth. I think I would give this product a "paws up!" I think you should give it a try and let us know what YOU think!


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