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Posted on November 16 2012

There are treat jars and then there are treat jars and this is THE BEST TREAT JAR EVER! "Why?" you ask. Well, let me tell you why. Because it was custom made for us by an unbelievably talented artist named Debby Carmen of Faux Paw Productions who has managed to capture the personalities of all six of the Bitch New York Chihuahuas onto one fantastic WORK OF ART! That's right! I said "work of art!" It is the only way to describe this custom treat jar. Take a look for yourself.

Her custom made dog bowls and treat jars can be purchased online at Bitch New York. However, if you want your very own "BEST TREAT JAR EVER" then you need to email us and we can get you a quote based on how many pets you have and what size you need and any other requests you may have!


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