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The Land of the Chihuahuas and the Story of the Pet Pot

Posted on September 17 2013

Here at the Bitch New York compound, we have a small garden behind the pool with trees and flowers and a rock waterfall that the Chihuahuas have claimed as their own. Hence the term...the Land of the Chihuahuas. Every morning, it is a ritual that before we can even have coffee, the Chihuahuas wait anxiously by the back door waiting for the threshold to be opened so that they can be free to roam in the mystical land of colorful plants, yummy grass and dew moistened soil. Promptly to return with gifts such as trails of brown paw prints across the beige tile floors and occasionally a regurgitated pile of leaves or grass that didn't digest well! How thoughtful?! Regardless, it is actually quite charming to watch them disappear into the shrubbery and then emerge again on the other side as though they had conquered some grand obstacle course or mountain trail!

Everyone knows the story about there being a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Well, we have a different type of pot. It is called the Pet Pot. The Pet Pot is at the end of the passage through the Land of the Chihuahuas. It is a reward for a long journey through the treacherous brush! Or maybe just a little drink of cold water for a weary traveler who has found his way out of the clearing. What is the Pet Pot you ask? Let me tell you.

The Pet Pot is the ideal watering place for all pets, whether its for dogs, cats, rabbits or any other animals which like to enjoy cool and fresh water.

The Pet Pot is a beautiful and useful accessory for your garden, terrace, home or balcony. The Pet Pot is made out of potter's clay and is, therefore, a 100% natural product. It does not need any additional appliances e.g. direct electrical and water connections, nor filters or any other accessories. In frost-free months the Pet Pot can be used outside all day long. After filling the pottery drinking fountain, the water remains perfectly cool and fresh, even under direct sunlight.

As a natural product, the Pet Pot will turn over time, more and more beautiful, as it will be covered with a nice patina. Also very important, the design of the Pet Pot avoids the pollution of all types of dirt a lot more in comparison to basic uncovered drinking devices.

If you have a beautiful garden where your pet likes to roam, maybe you should get one too!



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