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Posted on March 22 2013

That's exactly what I said when I opened up the box that arrived at my office with a great big green coffee mug, some dog treats and silver key chain stating "You Had Me At Woof." "How appropriate", I thought, "I must say "What The Woof" at least once a day!" The Karma Krunchies, as they were called, were another lovely surprise since I believe strongly in Karma. So the Chihuahuas set out right away to sample the treats and I decided to make a cup of coffee. My nice, new, green coffee mug says "What The Woof" on one side and WTW with an illustration of an adorable dog on the opposite side. I love my mug and now I have my coffee in it every day. The treats were gone so fast, I couldn't even get a photo of them but you get the idea!

Now you can find The Good Dogma Company Mugs, Jewelry, Treats and Gifts on Bitch New York for your enjoyment! Why not get a little of your own good karma!


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