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Who do you have to know to become a PORNSTAR?

Posted on November 15 2011

Bitch New York, that's who! Today, the Prince of the Bitch New York kingdom was bestowed with the most fabulous cashmere sweater in all of the land! This sweater is made of 100% cashmere from Italy. On the back, the company logo, PORNSTAR is written backward for a truly unique statement! The trendy garment also bears a sequin sleeve for all those precious pups that want to feel a little more special.

Pornstar has applied "full fashion" techniques for their sweaters (vs. "cut and sew"). This makes the sweaters fit smoothly on dogs with fewer seams. They also applied "intarsia" to weave the logo. This makes the logo look and feel smooth even from inside. Their uncompromising quality is that of high couture brands for women's and men's clothing.

The sweater was a big hit as it was a bit chilly today and this was the perfect weight to keep Winston warm on our travels through the neighborhood. People "oohed" and "aahed" and Winston just loved the attention he was getting. "Mommy thought I was so cute that she carried me with her everywhere" commented Winston when asked how he liked his new attire.

This luxurious designer dog sweater comes in 3 different colors and even has a leash hole so you don't have to cover it up when you take a walk! Winston wanted to sleep in his but I thought it would be best to put him in his pajamas instead. Just one last photo of the supermodel - isn't he precious!? We think so. :)


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