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Dog Accessories

The key to any great outfit is to accessorize. You may have recently bought your little pooch the perfect hoody or dress and now you need that extra special something to bring the whole outfit together.

With Bitch New York, our wide selection of dog accessories will help you find the perfect finishing touch to your pooch’s outfit.

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Rainbow Alpaca Dog Hat

From $52.00 - $61.00

We have a great selection of hair bows, necklaces, bandanas, scarves, collars, bowties, hats, sunglasses, and more! Your precious furry friend will be turning heads and dazzling all their pals at the local park in no time.

Why Accessorize Your Dog?

We simply love to dress up our dogs. We can’t help it! And why not? Accessorizing your dog can be fun for both you and your pup. You will love putting the thought into their outfits, and they will undoubtedly love all of the extra attention.

For proud dog parents, dressing up our dogs allows us to show the world what we already know. That our special pooch has personality, and they deserve to stand out. 

Accessories can be both practical or just aesthetically pleasing. Accessories are perfect for special occasions like birthdays and holidays like Halloween or just for your everyday stroll in the park.

Here at Bitch New York, we love dressing up our dogs and showing the world just how beautiful and stylish our pooches are. With our extensive collection of dog accessories, we know you will too!

What to Consider

It’s best to always use your common sense. You know your dog and what they will like and what they will dislike. It’s always worth considering the following before buying an accessory for your dog.

Will it Irritate Them?

If your dog is easily irritated by its collar or clothing, it’s likely to get irritated by an accessory too. Nobody wants their precious pooch to suffer or feel uncomfortable. Therefore, trying accessories for your dog may be a case of trial and error.

If it appears at any point that the accessory is irritating them, it’s best to remove the accessory straight away. If you know your dog gets easily annoyed with dangly or noisy things, stick to simple accessories.

Get the Right Size

Your dog may love to wear an accessory, but they will hate it if it’s the wrong size. Consider the size of your dog before buying any accessories.

Each accessory should fit comfortably. You don’t want anything that fits too tight or too loose. You can use the size guide on each of our product descriptions to make sure you buy the right size.

Always consider whether the accessory will allow your dog to freely move and do their private business in comfort.

Top Picks for Dog Accessories at Bitch New York

Here is a selection of the very best accessories you can find at our Bitch New York online store.

Frida Dog Necklace

Guaranteed to wow other dog owners and her doggy friends. The Frida dog necklace is an elegant and stylish accessory perfect for any princess. It is handmade with beautiful detail and made with excellent materials.

This necklace is perfect for any dog that needs to make a statement. If your princess has an upcoming birthday, then look no further. This necklace is guaranteed to steal the show.

Glitzy Rainbow Hand Woven Chain Dog Collar

A great and stylish chain dog collar necklace that will last for a long time. Woven by hand in rainbow colors anodized aluminum one ring at a time. The center flower-like rings enable you to clip on and interchange pawmulets any time you like. Feather-light and chic. Making it a fashionable pet accessory.

Personalized Dog Bandana

This is the accessory made for any badass dogs out there. Opt for the military green color, and your dog will turn heads in the park on entry. Made from refined silk or Royal Oxford cotton, and embroidered with the Schnauzer logo, this bandana makes a clear statement.

You can also personalize the bandana with a name or statement of your choice. Perfect for bigger dogs who need to maintain their machismo persona on their daily stroll.

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