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No matter what sleeping arrangements your dog is used to, our collection of designer dog beds will ensure that they receive a good night’s rest. You can find dog beds in different textures, colors, and materials that are suitable for all tastes and any type of décor. Luxury beds are available both indoors and outdoors, making it easy to provide comfort no matter where your dog chooses to snooze. If you want to treat your pet like royalty, we at Bitch New York also sell custom-made Dog Houses that will be the ultimate place for your best friend to nap.

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Soho Milo Dog Bed White/Pink Velvet
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

These orthopedic dog beds are made with high-quality foam which makes them last longer and provides greater comfort and support. It evenly distributes and balances the dog's weight and relieves any stress on the joints and muscles. High-density foam cushioning...

Pod Dog Bed Blush
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SKU: UMS18400

AVAILABILITY: In stock (997 items)

If a cloud and a bird's nest had a baby, it would be this POD dog bed. As we discovered, that's not how life works. They start with a core of high loft, 100% recycled fiber (1 pound of our...

Jacinta Dog Bed
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

This dog bed has a cherry pattern. There is a reversible, washable cushion. A bone-shaped toy is also included. Polyester. Check out the rest of the Jacinta Collection here. Colors: Indian Pink, Grey Size: 18.5" W x 15" D x 6.7" H Each product has...

Mosaic Lounge Dog Bed Soda Pop
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

This designer dog bed has a slightly more high-brow look and is suitable for pampering your pooch who loves to feel extra special! Elevated sides are the ideal resting place for your pup's head and create the ultimate retreat. Inner...

Chewnel Perfume Mat Dog Bed Baby Pink
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (998 items)

Pink mat dog bed with lace ruffle and designer perfume bottle embroidery. Lightweight construction with a non-skid material on the back. Size: 25" x 20" Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not...

Furry Vuiton Monogram Bone Rose Mat Dog Bed
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Furry Vuiton Monogram Bone mat dog bed with ruffle and designer embroidery. Lightweight construction with a non-skid material on the back. Size: 25" x 20" Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not...

Blanket Dog Bed Pink
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SKU: 021610PK

AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Cuddle into soft and ultra-snuggly Blanket Dog Bed. It is perfect on the bed and take-along sleeper for your pup. Polyester.Size: 25" x 16 Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted....

Burger Dog Bed SS Solid Pink
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SKU: 022030PK

AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Cuddle your pet in the designer styled Burger Dog Bed. It is soft, cozy, and gives a sense of security, unlike any other bed. Size: Base diameter measures 22". Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and...

Clear Acrylic Round Dog Bed With Cushion
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This clear round dog bed with donut cushion is a perfectly round, perfectly modern pet bed with subtle beauty and pure transparency. This Lucite pet bed is handmade in the USA. At 21" in diameter, this clear pet bed is...

Baby Pink Dog Bed
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Let everyone know she's your baby with this Baby Pink Dog Bed with gold embroidery. Your little lady will sleep comfortably on this bed with its special filler. Sizes:Small: approx. 19 x 20 x 8 inches (47 x 47 x...

Nostalgia Pink Dog Bed
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The Nostalgia Blue Dog Bed is made with houndstooth fabric and scalloped sides. Your baby will sleep comfortably on its special filler. Size: approx. 25 W x x 18 D x 10 H inches (62 W x 45 D x...

Pink Throne Dog Bed
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AVAILABILITY: In stock (999 items)

Your baby will sleep like a princess in this Pink Throne Dog Bed with it's anti-bacterial and stainproof cotton fabric and filler. Sizes:Small: approx. 19 x 20 x 8 inches (49 x 50 x 20 cm)Medium: approx. 26 x 24...


We believe that dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family. And when our dogs aren’t accompanying us on a walk, watching squirrels from the window, or running around in the backyard, they enjoy whiling away the hours sleeping or lounging in their favorite spot. Since they spend most of their time there, shouldn’t we do all we can to make that spot as comfy as possible? There are all sorts of beds available for your dog, but unique pups have unique sleeping habits, so here are a few different types of dog beds for you to choose from.

Here at Bitch New York, we have approximately four different types of dog beds that you can buy and each has unique features and benefits that could make or break your decision.

What are the Best Dog Beds You Can Buy

Pillow dog beds

Let’s face it. You don’t really want to share your pillow, so give your dog a pillow of their own. This type of dog bed is perfect for large dogs or for small dogs that like to sprawl out. Most pillow beds are also quite light, making it easy to change up sleeping arrangements if necessary. You can even throw it in the car if your pup is accompanying you on a road trip. Pillow beds are generally available in square, rectangle, oval and circular shapes. A classic example of this type of bed is the Piazza Dog Bed.

Snuggle or Donut dog beds

This type of dog bed is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. These beds have a round bolster along the edges that will envelop your pet in a big comfy hug, making them feel safe and loved even when you’re not home. The raised sides are great for providing a bit of extra neck support at bedtime. For senior dogs or dogs with mobility issues, there are versions with only 3 sides making for easy entry and exit. An example of this bed is Snuggle Dog Bed.

Canopy dog beds

This type of dog bed is great for the pup who could benefit from a little bit of alone time. A built-in cover creates a perfect little doggie hideaway from any distracting noises or commotion in the household. The canopy bed is great for a patio nap, as it naturally provides provide extra protection from the sun and wind. One example of this type of dog bed is the Breeze Dream Fur Canopy Dog Bed.

Sofa/Furniture dog beds

This type of dog bed is perfect for your little prince or princess. Give them the throne they deserve. While you and your friends are having a spot of tea, your pet has the perfect vantage point from which to survey the festivities. All kidding aside, this type of bed can blend in with existing interior design pieces, match, elevate décor, and it will never be mistaken for an average dog bed. A fabulous example of this type of bed would be the Rivoli Mid-Century Dog Bed Ivory/Shaggy Brown.

There are many other types of dog beds and cushions for more specialized needs, such as orthopedic dog beds, mattresses for dog crates, memory foam beds, polyester fill beds, and dog beds for travel.

How to buy the right dog bed for your fur baby

There are several factors that come into play when choosing the right bed for your pet. It’s important to consider them all before you buy, otherwise your new dog bed could end up being a new chew toy.

Dog’s Size

Think ahead. If you have a puppy that will one day grow into a large dog, you should choose a bed that will accommodate them even when they are fully grown. However, no one size fits all, so at Bitch New York, we have different sizes of dog beds with measurements so that you can make an informed decision.


It’s good to choose a bed for your dog based on its age. Orthopedic or memory foam fill beds are softer and relieve pressure. It’s ideally suited for older dogs or any dogs with painful conditions. Polyester fill, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic (less likely to cause an allergic reaction), and has insulation properties, so it makes for a cozy bed. It’s ideally suited for smaller dogs.

Kind of Sleeper

How does your dog like to sleep? Your dog’s most comfortable sleeping position is unique to them so it’s important that you get a dog bed that can accommodate their needs. Do they sprawl, curl, lean, or burrow?

Dogs who sprawl like to let it all hang out at bedtime. Pillow beds are a great choice for this kind of sleeper because there are no sides to restrict them.

Dogs who curl enjoy sleeping tightly wound in a little ball. Snuggle or donut-style beds work well for this kind of sleeper.

Dogs who lean enjoy a side or two to support their head, neck, and shoulders. A donut or sofa bed is good for this kind of sleeper.

Dogs who burrow enjoy some cover at bedtime. Canopy dog beds work well to provide your dog some privacy and shelter, making them feel extra safe and comfy.


Where in your house do you plan to keep the dog bed and how much floor space is available?


Where you live will affect your choice of a dog bed. If it’s usually cool or if your home gets especially cold during the winter, consider a dog bed that will keep your pup elevated and protected from the cold floor. Warm materials like faux fur or flannel keep them extra cozy. In a warmer climate or if you’re switching up beds for the summer, a more breathable material or even a simple mat could be just what your dog needs.


Is it an indoor or an outdoor bed? If it’s an outdoor bed, you might want to opt for waterproof or water-resistant and durable material. If the bed is going to be inside a create, then decide the size accordingly. Indoor beds can be soft and fluffy depending on your dog’s comfort.


If your dog is a compulsive chewer, consider buying a dog bed of a sturdier material to avoid quick wear and tear. If you are buying a pillow, think of whether your dog might end up using it as a chew toy instead. So, in this case, super-soft beds with cushions probably won’t last long. You might want to go for more durable beds instead.


The bed should be able to support the weight of your dog comfortably. Ideally, there shouldn’t be sagging, slipping, and evenly distributing and balancing your dog’s weight.


If you are going to clean the dog bed often, then it’s practical to buy a dog bed that’s easier to clean. Like removable and machine-washable cushions for instance.

Number of Dogs

If you have more than one dog in the house, then also consider how many dogs will be competing for the bed. Each dog might have its own preference and it might be tricky to choose a dog bed that satisfies all your dogs. In that case, you can experiment with different dog beds of different budgets to figure out what works.


If you’d like to go the extra mile for your dog and personalize your dog’s bed, we’ve got you covered. Here are personalized dog beds for you to choose from.


Bitch New York has dog beds to fit every budget. A canine accessory as essential as a dog bed certainly doesn’t have to break the bank. However, if you enjoy treating your puppy like royalty, we’ve got you covered there too!

How much are dog beds

As we mentioned before, it depends on the type of beds that you are looking for. In our online store, you can buy dog beds for less than $50 to over $2000 and higher, of different sizes, shapes, and forms. Rest assured, you can find the best dog beds according to your needs here at Bitch New York.

We hope this information will help you choose the best dog bed for your dog.

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