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Daisy Collection Dog Bed Plum Perfect

$153.00 USD

You'll flip over the new Daisy Collection dog bed. And speaking of "flipping" this bed is filled with shredded memory foam that creates a soft nest that conforms to your pup's body and is also "flippable" for maximum wear. Add an optional wood frame to elevate the bed up off the floor and to create a furniture quality decor piece appropriate for any room of the house.

- Shredded memory foam filling creates a soft, yet supportive nest
- Cases are easily removed and machine washed for cleaning
- The inner case is moisture resistant and may be spot cleaned with mild detergent and a soft cloth
- The bed may be flipped to extend wear and expose the opposite side
- Covers are durable and stain resistant
- Shredded memory foam helps to relieve pressure points and support joint health
- Great for aging and healthy dogs alike

Small: 23.75" W X 14.25" D X 5" H | 28.5" W X 18.5" D X 9.5" H - with frame
Medium: 32.75" W X 19.25" D X 7.5" H | 37.5" W X 24" D X 12.25" H - with frame
Large: 46.75" W X 27.5" D X 7.5" H | 51.5" W X 32.25" D X 12.25" H - with frame

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