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White Night Tent Dog Bed

$237.00 USD

The White Night Tent Dog Bed is perfect for babies who love to cuddle up in a corner and like to be alone. It's also a perfect house decor item that can be placed next to a bed or sofa. The cotton has a clasp-style button. It is very easy to open and close. The removable cushion cover is very easy to wash. It is made of 100% high-quality Oxford cotton. The floor cushion is filled with fluffy cotton and is very cuddly and cozy. The lacy curtain allows you to look at your babies while they sleep. It is handmade so each toy may vary in size.

Materials: Wooden Frame/Cotton

Size: 0-26 lb (approx. 20.4" deep x 27.5" wide x 27.5" high)

Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as this item ships directly from the designer in Korea.

*This item is not included in the flat and/or free shipping rates.