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Dog Christmas Outfits

Who doesn't love Christmas? Children get excited to open presents, eat cookies and have a snowy white Christmas. Dogs don't understand it's Christmas but they like to be a part of this party. That's why dog Christmas outfits are so important on this holiday. Here you can find different dog coats for your dog - whether he or she is big or small, furry or bald - we've got something for every dog! All dog outfits are safe and comfortable to wear. Your dog will love wearing these Christmas dog coats!

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Bella Dog Coat Red

From $63.00 - $79.00

Tips to choose Christmas coats for dogs

  • Dog owners should try a dog Christmas outfit on their dog first, to see how it fits and how their dog reacts.
  • A dog owner can use a tape measure or a small dog breed chart for measurements of a dog's length and girth.
  • You should pay attention to the dog's fur length while choosing a dog holiday outfit, because some dogs have longer hair than others.
  • Christmas coats shouldn't restrict the movements of your pet. 
  • Choose coats made of quality fabric. Dog coats don't have to be expensive, but they shouldn't irritate or damage the dog’s skin.
  • It should be easy to put on and take off without any difficulties. So it is better to choose a dog coat with flexible belts and adjustable straps, like dog coats from our webshop - this way your dog will feel comfortable.

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