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Spring, Fall Dog Coats: Key Distinctions and How to Choose

When spring and fall arrive, the weather is still quite unpredictable. You may need to bundle up your pup in a spring coat one day, but then take it off in warmer temperatures the next. The beauty of spring and fall dog coats is that they are designed to be versatile! These unique coats can help you save money on buying two separate types of jackets.
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Apex Royal Nylon Dog Jacket

From $46.00 - $59.00

Apex Red Nylon Dog Jacket

From $46.00 - $59.00

Apex Purple Nylon Dog Jacket

From $46.00 - $59.00

Apex Fuchsia Nylon Dog Jacket

From $46.00 - $59.00

Stretch Fleece Dog Coat Red

From $27.00 - $47.00

Stretch Fleece Dog Coat Black

From $27.00 - $47.00

So, what’s the difference?

Spring and fall dog coats are a new type of product. They are different from other types of products like winter jackets.

A spring dog coat is lighter than a fall dog coat.

A spring dog coat does not cover the chest area.

Spring and fall dog coats are made of different fabric than other types of coats. It is more breathable and lightweight. This makes them suitable for when the temperature changes day by day.

Both can be used with harnesses or without it.

These types of coats are often made of fleece or wool. They have a different quality of fabric to winter jackets.

They often have reflective material as an additional element for safety.

Choosing the right spring or fall dog clothing is all about your pup's needs. If they stay in an air conditioned home during both seasons, then it might be best not to invest in winter wear. However, if you live in a colder climate, spring and fall coats are essential to keep them warm during the spring thaw or after an autumn rain. Just listen to your dog and their needs and you should find a solution that works best for them.

Or just call us, and we will help you choose the best!

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