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Dog Collar Charms

A little bling can go a long way. If you’re not a fan of those classic, boring dog name tags that do little to convey just how stylish and full of personality your pooch really is, you’re going to love our trendsetting dog collar charms and pendants, the hottest dog accessories on the market that are just as precious and unique as your pup is!

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Whether you want to treat your princess to a one-of-a-kind gemstone pendant or want to give your furry companion a good luck charm to protect them through their adventures, Bitch New York has the most extensive collection of dog collar charms, guaranteed to let your pup in on the trend.

Buy Dog Collar Charms for Every Occasion

Here at Bitch New York, You can buy the collar charm to fit every pup’s personality and unique sense of style this much we can promise.

We can also promise that you’ll find the most comfortable and stylish collars to mix and match your charms with, so you can find a fit that will resonate with the latest doggie trends.

You can browse the collection by color and occasion, so if you’re looking for the cherry on top to complement your dog’s adorable holiday outfit, you won’t have to wait a third time for the perfect charm!

So, what’s in season?

Among the most popular styles for fashion-forward pups, you can find versatile lobster clip charms easy to clip into any D-ring or dog collars with a lobster claw, stainless steel S-hooks, and even split ring round ID tags with a retro feel, all coming in a variety of glamorous colors and durable materials.

How Do You Put Charms on a Dog Collar?

Putting charms on a dog collar is incredibly easy, so you can swap your pup’s favorite pendants around to fit the mood and occasion.

If using an S-hook, just pinch it shut with a pair of pliers after hooking it through the charm to lock it in place, then pinch the other end after looping it through the D-ring.

If using a split ring, you just have to slide the charm through until it is fully attached, then slide the split ring the same way through the collar’s D-ring.

Do Collars Annoy Dogs?

If your pup is constantly scratching their neck even though the collar they have on is not too tight, you don’t need to worry! 

Collars don’t annoy dogs as long as they have been fitted properly. To ensure the collar is loose enough for your pet to be comfortable wearing it, just loop two fingers under it: If it’s easy to do and you don’t notice too much space between your pup’s neck and the collar, you’ve found the perfect fit!

Do Bells on Collars Annoy Dogs?

Having adorable yet noisy bells attached to their collars may annoy some dogs if they can’t get used to the noise. To make sure your pup will like their bells, you have to consider their temperament, their environment, and their past reaction to foreign objects being around them all the time.

Laid-back dogs who don’t share their space with another bell-wearing pup companion and who tend to not ingest whatever little object they may find will generally do very well with a little bell on their collar.

Pups that tend to be a little overly excited and jumpy, on the other hand, might fare better with silent yet equally adorable dog accessories instead.

Should Dogs Sleep with Collars On?

Since your pup’s neck is one of the most delicate parts of their furry body, experts recommend conscious owners to take off their dog’s collar at night before they go to sleep.

Why Are There Spikes on Some Dog Collars?

The well-known dog collar with spikes, also known as a wolf collar, was designed to protect livestock guardian dogs from wolf attacks, and it is still widely used by shepherds all over the world.

How Can You Decorate a Dog Collar?

Forget the classic plain and boring collar and let your creativity run wild!

You can DIY your pup’s collar by applying little gemstones and studs onto it, or you can even paint it with non-toxic, fabric-safe paint.

But if you’re not a craft enthusiast, we have all the sparkling charms, showstopping ID tags, and every trinket and locket for dog collar fashion you could ever ask for!

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