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Clear Acrylic Dog Gate

$408.00 USD

It's so clear! This 1/4" thick clear lucite panel dog gate with a laser-cut handle, sits in a matching 1/2" clear lucite base, making this the best looking pet barrier on the market. It's extremely easy to set up, just slide the panel into the clear base and position the gate where you desire! The lightweight panel is easy to lift out of the base and move to wherever you want.

This gate accommodates openings that are 36" or less. Simply position the gate on the same side of the doorway as your pet, up against the doorway threshold and the pet can't push it over! The sturdy 1/2" thick lucite base adds strength making it difficult for the pet to push over. This is the best looking, almost invisible, pet gate for 36" or smaller doorway openings. Not for use as a child gate.

Assembled dimensions: 36" W x 30" H x 5 3/4" D
Base dimensions: 24" W x 6" H x 5.75" D
Panel dimensions: 36" W x 30" H x .25" D

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. This item is not eligible for return/exchange.