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Pet Dry House Dog Bed Pink

$450.00 USD

A home beauty salon for your pet! This dog drying box can be used as an ordinary dog house/dog bed but can be easily converted to a drying room by simply connecting the dryer.

The dry house is a new concept item that allows you to dry your pet's hair safely and quickly while they relax in the house. Simply connect the dryer to the house and you are ready to dry. After bathing, give them a quick towel dry to remove the excess water, then place them in the dry house to dry them completely.

The dry house is easy to control by simply pressing and turning a button. Continuous testing and research have found optimal temperatures for pet drying and using the button you can select one of three different temperatures depending on your pet's fur. Use natural wind for sensitive pets, low for summer and short-haired pets, and high for winter or long-haired pets.

For pets, blow-drying is an unpleasant sensation. The dry house is designed to reduce anxiety and stress and allows you to touch your pet through the openings on the top and sides of the dry house. The dry house has wide visible netted openings on the front and top in order to reduce pet stuffiness and the risk of suffocation. The coating prevents pet claws from getting stuck in the net. The spacious and visible net entrance provides your pet a sense of relief because your pet can see you.

Unlike air purifiers, the air-inlet is located at the bottom of the dryer which prevents dust from accumulating. The internal noise of the dry house is below 54 dB, the lowest among other pet dryers. The key to the low noise is the circulating fan that is typically used for noise-sensitive devices such as air purifiers. The non-flammable PTC heater maintains a constant temperature and is safe from fire. If the dryer is tilted to 30°, the sensor immediately recognizes this and automatically stops the heating system, and an LED light and alarm signal notify you. There is a safety lock that prevents the dryer from separating from the house or falling over. A built-in timer will shut down the power after 30 minutes. A temperature sensor and thermostat prevent overheating. It will automatically blow for 30 seconds for cooling down the heater after turning off the power.

The frame is made from rigid non-toxic PVC and the cover is a durable, high-quality 1680 denier fabric. It comes with a pad for the base that is waterproof and can be washed with running water for easy maintenance. A removable cushion provides a soft bed for your pet. The semi-permanent filter will prevent dust and hair from coming out of the dryer and can be washed every 1-2 months. The house accommodates pets that are 22 lbs. or less. This product is made in the Republic of Korea.

Color: Pink

House: 50 cm W x 50 cm D x 50 cm H (approx. 20"W  x 20" D x 20" H)
Dryer: 23.2 cm W x 13 cm D x 39.6 cm H (approx. 9" W x 5" D x 16" H)

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