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Bitter Dog Spray Anti-Chew

$13.00 USD

The Warren London Bitter Spray Anti-Chew is used to discourage pets from destructively chewing their body and household items. The spray-on formula creates a taste and odor that is not overwhelming, but strong enough to keep your dog from licking or chewing things they should not be!

- Simply spray and walk away to train your pet to stop chewing, biting, gnawing, and licking things they shouldn't.
- Safe and effective formula that does not contain additional fruit flavor which some pets may actually enjoy.
- Just use in a well-ventilated area and perform a small test application for first use on a new surface. Works well on paws, legs, body, plants, molding, woodwork, furniture, sofas, walls, socks, shoes, clothing, power cords, etc.

Directions: Hold 4-6 inches from the area you want to spray. Spray a couple of times in the area that you want to prevent chewing and licking and allow to air dry for a few seconds.

Size: 8 oz