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Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

$19.00 USD

Natural Ear Cleaner is carefully formulated for the specific needs of pets. A powerful fusion of palm and coconut is an effective treatment for odor, residues, and wax. It helps to relieve dry and itchy ear discomfort and replenishes the natural lipid barrier. The non-irritating formula is free from alcohol, sulfate, paraben, DEA/MEA.

SOOTHES ITCHY EARS AND IRRITATION: Aids the healing of earaches and inflammation.

TREATS EXCESS EAR WAX: Maintains the natural ear flora that ensures the well being of your pet.

REMOVES BAD ODOR: A powerful solution that moisturizes the natural ear lipids.

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA with premium quality ingredients and highest manufacturing standards.

Size: 8 FL. OZ. (237 ML)