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Natural Dog Probiotics

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Natural Probiotics is carefully formulated for the specific needs of pets. Probiotics (probios = for life) are beneficial bacteria that can positively support the health of humans and pets. Natural Dog Probiotics favorably influence the composition of the microflora in the pet's intestine and promote holistic health.

IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST: Increases the natural level of antibodies for more resilience against viruses and diseases. It inhibits unwanted germs absorbed through the environment or the production of antimicrobial substances.

LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVELS: Helps to regulate cholesterol and blood lipid levels in the blood. Probiotics stimulate the decomposition of lactose and are beneficial for diabetics.

DIARRHEA AND CONSTIPATION AID: Promotes healthy intestine function and helps normalize intestinal motility in case of diarrhea, constipation, loose stool, upset stomach, yeast infection, constipation, gas, bad breath, bloating, malabsorption, and vomiting among others. Stimulates metabolism for better lactose digestion, calcium absorption, and provision of vitamins in addition to other components of the diet.

RESTORES GUT HEALTH: Supports the pet's metabolism by reducing the concentration of harmful metabolites and enzymes. Protects against the entry of pathogens into the body and helps restore normal digestion. Beneficial after the use of antibiotics or steroids.

MANUFACTURED IN THE USA with premium quality ingredients and highest manufacturing standards.

Size: 3.1 OZ. (90 Servings)

*For dogs under 20 lbs. a scoop should be 2.5cc or ½ teaspoon.