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Jaunts Dog Leash With Comfort Grip

$43.00 USD

The dog leash for active dogs and people! Walk it, wear it, carry it in a multitude of configurations. Natural hemp and quick-action fasteners make this the ultimate comfortable action leash. Unique tether and release handle adjusts for handle-leading, waist wear or in-a-snap tie outs around a tree or post. Additional utility loop totes essentials like poop bag holders or keys, or clips together for crossbody wear. Matching dog collar is also available.

- Quick tether and release adjustable handle is simple to configure for any situation.
- Waterproof and stink-free comfort grip handle.
- Incredibly strong and naturally odor-resistant hemp leash.
- Utility loop for accessories and crossbody carry.

Colors: Mocha/Granny Smith, Goldenrod/Tangerine, Greenery/Tangerine, Midnight Blue/Aqua

Small: 72" L x .75" W
Large: 72" L x 1" W

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