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Dog Pajamas

Let’s face it. Some things are just too cute! Dog pajamas are at the top of the list. They are an extra cute way to keep your dog warm or after a bath. If it’s ok with your vet, you can even use them after surgery. If you happen to be one of those people whose husband likes to keep the house at a rather crisp 68 degrees, you can put your dog in pajamas while you are looking for your thermals and wooly socks. Not to mention, the over the top cuteness of a Christmas card with your pup in their pj’s.

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Brace yourself for our fun assortment of dog pajamas.

Pajamas for dogs

Nothing can make you smile like a Pit Bull in pajamas. But always make sure that your dog’s clothing or pajamas fit properly so that their mobility is not hindered should they manage to get a paw or two loose. And never leave your pup unattended in any type of clothing, pajamas, or otherwise.

You never have to worry about potty breaks, because all of our pajamas are created with a strategic cutout for their unmentionables.

Christmas pajamas

You know you buy a new pair of pajamas for everyone on your list for Christmas morning. So don’t let your dog show up to the pajama party naked. Let her participate in the festivities with her own pair of dog pajamas.

We recommend the following Christmas pajamas for your pup:

Santa’s Lil’ Helper Dog Pajamas

Santa’s Lil’ Pajamas are the Christmas dog pajamas that will make your angel a perfect 10 on the cuteness scale. Very adorable.

Dog pajamas for other occasions

We just had a brilliant idea! How about having a “slumber party” for your pup’s next birthday! All the guests need to arrive in their own pajamas. Now that would be an Instagram-able moment! Here, at Bitch New York, you will find pajamas for holidays, like bunnies for Easter, hearts for Valentine’s Day, cupcakes for birthdays or funny sheep for everyday cuteness.

Take a look at these dog pajamas for other occasions:

Dog Pajamas Bunny

Bedtime has never looked cuter. Bunny graphics made of 100% cotton.

Cupcake Fanatics Flannel Dog Pajamas

Cupcake Pajamas are adorable and soft, made with lightweight flannel fabric. There is always a D-ring so you can add your favorite hanging charm, for some extra pizazz.

What are you waiting for? Pick out your favorites already. It’s almost bedtime!

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