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Original Fleece Dog Coat Red With Pawprint 8"

$47.00 USD $62.00 USD

Due to it's unique design, these dog coats fit a wide variety of dog body types. The backline of the coat is contoured to fit a dog's natural topline. The coat features a snug-fitting belly panel from base of neck to mid-belly. This panel is attached to an elastic belt, allowing the owner to adjust for the perfect fit. To prevent the coat from slipping from side to side, the adjustable belt is secured on both sides by durable fasteners. The woven elastic neck allows for the coat to slip on easily over a dog's head. No sleeves, no Velcro. The unique heavy-duty elastic band is positioned perfectly to fit over where the base of your dog's neck and his chest meet. The elastic neck band allows for complete freedom of movement. The band contracts and expands for running, trotting and even rolling! Male dogs will not "hit" the underside of the coat when they relieve themselves.

Original coat is made of a double layer of solid color fleece, woven elastic neckline for optimum flexibility, belly panel for extra protection, polypropylene belts on either side to prevent coat shifting, and a reflective strip for safety.

Size: (Length of Back) 8"

This is a sample. The size listed is the only one of its kind. Each product has its own unique size chart. Make sure to measure your pet based on the size chart available for each product. By referring to the size chart shown, it will help ensure the perfect fit.

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