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Dog Toy Boxes

Even though you may find a dog toy intriguing, dog toys in general are vital for the well-being of your dog. Toys help your dog to overcome boredom and offer comfort when you have to leave your little pup all alone at home. Likewise, toys often help to discourage your dog in regards to forming troublesome habits.

If you're a dog owner, you undoubtedly feel the need to give your loved one the best you can. That means all your focus goes toward providing your pup with the best food and lots of fun toys. But after some time, you may feel there are many toys around you. Therefore, to protect your dog's precious possessions from being tarnished, you'll need a dog toy box. At Bitch New York, we have many options for toy boxes for dogs from which you can select the best one for your dog.

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Why you need a dog toy box

Toy boxes are a practical and easy way to keep your home tidier.

  • Keeping toys in one place, i.e., in the toy box, helps to make sure they don’t get lost.
  • Toy boxes are versatile and can be used for keeping other dog equipment, devices, and tools.
  • Dogs can usually be trained to keep their toys in the toy box only.
  • A dog needs a place to store his favorite things.
  • To protect your dog's precious possessions from being damaged, you need a dog toy box.
  • Toy boxes prevent tripping and accidents. Toys can pose a danger to family members if they are not stored properly in the box.
  • The toy box helps in keeping the toys away from the reach of children.

How do you choose the best toy box for your dog?

Toys are essential for a dog's physical and mental well-being. They take care of our dogs, so we need to make sure we take excellent care of them as well. We can do that by incorporating a toy storage box inside our home. Some dogs are more fierce and aggressive chewers, so if you're a guardian of such a dog, you might need to look for something more durable. There are many dog toy boxes available, but to choose the best dog toy box for your pet, you must keep these general aspects in mind:


The size of your dog plays a vital role in selecting the ideal toy box. If he's a dog of considerable size, his toys are also likely to be bigger. You may need to look for a larger box or purchase more than one storage box.


A dog toy box can easily get damaged when your pup is trying to find his favorite toy. Dragging around the box with his nails and teeth will make it even worse. To keep the odor of the box at bay, strive to find one that is easy to clean and manage. Many dog storage boxes need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time, so choose one that fits your cleaning habits.


Interestingly, this has a lot to do with your pup, too. As mentioned before, if you have an aggressive chewer, a cedar wood box should not be your top choice. Instead, you need to have a strong steel box as your ideal choice.

Featured Products

Flamingo Dog Toy Box

This dog toy box is made with careful handwork and thorough attention to detail. This multi-functional dog storage container is very simple to clean. Wipe the outside with a moist cloth to clear any traces or smudges.

Cats And Dogs Toy Box

These dog toy boxes are made with careful handwork and thorough craftsmanship. Similar to many other dog toy boxes, this one is also simple to clean. This robust and well-built storage box is a mesh design that is durable and carries loads and loads of toys.

Pro Tips

Give a treat to your dog for all the good work

How to teach a dog to do something is still a matter that troubles the minds of most dog owners. Although there are several ways to achieve the same result, we have identified one common element in all of them. The response is a doggy treat! Give a treat and positive reinforcement to your dog for all the good work. Holding their things in the same box at the very same location will help in enhancing the process.

Usage of human storage containers

The more creative pet parents may have already known that one could use human storage bins for dog toys. This is a great idea! Anything you consider sturdy and long-lasting can be used as a dog storage box. However, we recommend a bit of style with appealing patterns and creative design. Label plates also add a sweet and personal touch!

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