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Walk In The Park Dog Deodorizing Candle

$27.00 USD

Walk in the Park dog deodorizing candle is reminiscent of the crisp air and fresh-cut grass smell you get while walking through the park. Luscious lemongrass intertwines with the cooling and airy sensation of peppermint to deodorize your space. These candles are hand-poured by True Hue, an all-natural wellness line based in Minnesota. This 8 oz candle is comprised of soy was and a combination of natural essential oils and imitation fragrance oils (all are Prop 65 verified). They have a light fragrance ratio to provide you with a high-quality fragrance output in each candle without being overwhelming. It also comes complete with a premium cotton wick which burns cleanly for 40-50 hours.

Size: 8 oz.