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Winter Dog Coats

So, the weather outside is frightful but nothing is more delightful than playing out in the snow. Just make sure your little prince or princess has the perfect winter dog coat before that outing!
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Aspen Puffer Dog Jacket Navy

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Aspen Puffer Dog Jacket Pink

From $46.00 - $52.00

Cambridge Dog Jacket Navy

From $46.00 - $59.00

Cambridge Dog Jacket Pink

From $46.00 - $59.00

Cambridge Dog Jacket Red

From $46.00 - $59.00

Windsor Tartan Dog Jacket

From $46.00 - $59.00

Black Sherpa Dog Jacket

From $47.00 - $51.00

Leopard Faux Fur Dog Jacket

From $55.00 - $60.00

Tan Sherpa Dog Jacket

From $47.00 - $51.00

Pendleton Dog Coat Acadia

From $50.00 - $69.00

Pendleton Dog Coat Badlands

From $50.00 - $69.00
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Pendleton Dog Coat Glacier

From $50.00 - $69.00

Pendleton Dog Coat Harding

From $49.00 - $74.00

Winter dog coat key features

Winter dog coat key features

Chihuahua winter dog coatIs your dog reluctant to go outside to relieve themselves in winter? Perhaps you keep your home’s heating system set to low.

During the coldest stretches of winter, instead of blankets or sweaters, winter dog coats can ensure your pet stays warm, dry and active, rather than shivering and lethargic.

As you browse our selection of dog coats for winter, keep these features in mind:

  • Waterproof winter dog coats: while most dog coats provide warmth, those with a waterproof shell can ensure that your pet stays dry in the most snowy conditions. For example, our Soft Stripe Puffer Dog Coat comes with a water repellent shell. This class of coat is perfectly fine for a walk around the neighborhood and a light roll in the snow. For more extreme conditions, consider our Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Dog Coat. Lined with thick fleece and stuffed with warm fiber insulation, this coat features a heavy-duty waterproof exterior that are guaranteed to keep your pet dry.
  • Winter coats with hoodies: Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, the French Bulldog, and many breeds of terriers are especially vulnerable in winter. These breeds tend to be as uncomfortable in frigid weather as you would be if you went out in shorts. If warmth takes priority over waterproofing, consider a dog coat with a hoodie to ensure your pooch stays toasty warm. Our most popular model with hoods is the Pocket Dog Parkas, available in green, brown and black.
  • Sleeveless winter coats: while these models don’t provide the same level of warmth as the aforementioned options, they allow your dogs to enjoy a greater range of motion while keeping their core toasty warm. As an example, our Snowflake Fleece Dog Coat is super soft, very warm and comfortable enough for your pooch to wear all day long!

Which dogs need winter coats?

Which dogs need winter coats?

Generally, knowing 5 dog characteristics will help you determine which of your dogs badly need a dog coat this coming winter season: Miniature and short-haired breeds (not short-hair but short-coat)

Small dogs or toy breeds, such as Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs, cannot easily maintain body heat to stay warm during winter.

So, ensure that you get coats that best suit for these dog breeds.

Dogs that stand close to the ground

The best example of these types of dogs is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Although Corgis have thick coats, their small body structure (their short legs leave them standing close to the ground) subjects them to stand close to the ground, causing their bellies to become more exposed to snow and cold floors.

Dogs that constantly get their long hair shorn or clipped (long fur clipped or groomed)

Poodles have to be regularly groomed because of their curly sheep-like coat. However, this constant grooming requirement can alter the protective nature of their coat.

So, when wintertime comes, these dogs don’t really get the warmth that their fur could have provided naturally.

Dogs with lean bodies and short hair

Did you know that lean-bodied dogs, such as Whippets and Greyhounds, originated from places with warm climate, as far as Ancient Egypt?

This explains why they have so little body (fat not fats) fats for insulation. So, despite their seemingly large framework, these hounds still need some warmth from dog coats.

Elderly dogs

It goes without saying that senior dogs can barely handle winter conditions. With old age, their immune system has already weakened, and they could already be suffering from conditions, such as arthritis.

Not to mention that their ability to regulate body temperature also decreases as their age increases, no matter how thick-coated they may be.

So, does your dog need a winter coat? Ensure that you get a dog coat that protects your pet’s belly and neck—the most sensitive parts of canines.

Also, ensure that the dog coat extends from your pet’s neck to the tail, but still makes room for convenient bathroom breaks.

Most importantly, your dog’s winter coat should be snug without being too tight. Make sure that the coat will not restrict your pet’s movement.