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Base White Coat Dog Nail Polish

$16.00 USD

Discover eco-friendly dog nail polish available in amazing fashion-forward colors, capturing the essence of the quality life for dogs. Made in the USA. This completely non-toxic nail color is formulated by leading luxury nail and dog care experts to cover natural dog nail pigmentation and prepare dogs nails for fabulous nail polish. A must-have for dogs with dark nails or especially before applying light color.

Formulated without: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, camphor.

Dog parents: Use a nail file to prepare the dog's nails. For best results begin with a layer of this white base coat to cover nail pigmentation. Follow with one or two layers of nail polish in your dog's favorite color. Finish with a fast dry top coat for dog nails. Remove with this non-toxic dog nail polish remover.

Size: 8ml