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Benny The Bear Cozy Buddy Dog Toy

$60.00 USD

Benny the Bear Cozy Buddy Dog Toy is the perfect designer cozy for hot water bottles. It is a great, safe way for your pooch to stay warm. Adorable, blue "Benny" will be your pet's cozy pal on those cold chilly nights. Perfectly fitted to house a standard size hot water bottle. Or when you're away, insert a t-shirt or PJ's with your scent inside the pouch so your pet will think you're close by! Either way, this Cozy Buddy is the perfect companion for a new puppy, new litter of puppies, sleep-overs at grandma's or the pet hotel, a visit to the vet, or any time your pet needs warmth and comforting. Knitted with 100% organic cotton.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.