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Bling Pepper Spray G.I. Gal

$27.00 USD

Out walking your dog at night? Live in an area where small animals are prey to wildlife? Why not carry protection? Green studded case with gold key chain clip and charm.

  • Compact 1/2 ounce pepper spray
  • 10% OC spray concentration / 2MM SHU
  • Size and strength is legal in most states 
  • Case is refillable 
  • Powerful, non-lethal personal protection
  • Clips to your keyring, purse or dog leash
  • Can be used to deter aggressive dogs

***Do you live in New York or Massachusetts?  If so, we can't process your pepper spray order unless you ship the order to another state (NJ, CT, etc.)  Sorry, it's state law and we will have to cancel the order if an alternate address isn't provided at checkout.***

Pepper spray is not a toy, and it is not funny to use it in any way other than in a true emergency. it is also illegal to misuse pepper spray. Jail is not a good look. Orange is not your color. Be responsible and be vigilant.

Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.