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Boxer Fawn Dog Figurine By Ron Hevener

$36.00 USD

The Hevener collectibles dog figurines began with a young story-teller making souvenirs for tourists at the farmer's markets of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Ron Hevener still creates every piece as if it were his first.

After a design is completed, a latex mold is formed over the original sculpture layer by layer. Then a plastic "mother mold" is made over that to keep the latex mold in place during the pouring. When the mold is sufficiently cured, usually in about two weeks, the first casting is poured.

After the castings are poured, hardened and removed from their molds, they are trimmed, filled and smoothed. They are set aside to dry for about a week. Next, the castings are lightly sanded to remove any remaining imperfections and brushed to remove dust.

The castings are now ready to be painted. They are base coated, then airbrushed with colors and patterns, each one slightly different. Some are custom painted from photographs to match a specific pet. The finish touches are then done with a brush to create the masterpiece.

They are then glazed with multiple coats of clear lacquer and allowed to cure for about a week. With proper care, the figurines will last for many years and have earned the name - Hevener.

Size: 4" x 2" x 4"

*All breeds are available in any and all color combinations. For special requests, please email us at