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Business As Usual Dog Poop Bags

$20.00 USD

These dog poop bags are Craptastic and they are #MakingShitFun. We like to make people laugh, especially in crappy situations. Sometimes you need that reminder that Sh*t Happens! Whether you’re buying these bags to have a chuckle on your early morning walk, or as a fun gift for that special dog in your life, we want to keep you smiling!

- Unscented, 9" x 13" bags
- Extra-strong, we don’t want to make your walk any shittier than it has to be!
- 270 poop bags on 18 refill rolls
- Rolls fit into standard leash dispensers, or easily in your pocket
- Easy to separate and large enough to protect you from your dog’s business
- Friendly to the planet, the boxes & roll cores are made of recycled cardboard
- 10% of the profits are donated quarterly to a non-profit rescue organization that goes above & beyond to give animals in need better lives.

Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.