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Clear Acrylic Dog Crate Large

$1,253.00 USD
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Meet the revolutionary "Pet Crate to Gate". This is a three-in-one clear acrylic dog crate that provides a clear view for your dog and a practically invisible, modern pet crate for your home.

The clearest, most modern, expertly designed Lucite dog crate on the market. Constructed in furniture quality clear acrylic, with acrylic hinges and your choice of brass or chrome door lock, this totally clear pet crate adds beauty to the room instead of detracting from it.

The pet crate consists of a tray top and a tray bottom in solid Lucite. The solid Lucite tray top is designed so that it can be a side table, placed inconspicuously next to a sofa or chair. The four walls of the crate are aerated with smooth, laser-cut air vents for breathability and airflow.

The walls of the crate are made up of two hinged panels (one long side, hinged to one short side). When you lift off the tray top and remove the two hinged walls, the walls can be used as a zig-zag pet gate, perfect for keeping pets out of unwanted areas. By overlapping the two hinged wall panels and clipping the overlap together with a clear clip you have a 4-panel zig-zag dog gate that covers up to 9 feet.

When you store the crate away, each hinged panel folds and fits in the tray top and bottom for a compact, easy-to-store, flat package. Truly, this is a revolutionary 3-in-1 pet product.

An optional divider panel allows you to section off the crate as your pup grows.

*Large size cushion is sold separately.

Size: (for large size dogs over 40 lbs.)
Assembled: 32" W x 42" D x 32" H
Folded: 32" W x 42" D x 4" H
Zig Zag Walls: 148" W x 32" H x .25" D

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Due to strict health regulations, this item cannot be restocked and resold. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted.

Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.

*This item is not included in the flat and/or free shipping rates.