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Clickit Terrain Bundle Dog Harness Robin Egg Blue

$158.00 USD

The Clickit Terrain dog harness is a high-performance car safety harness for high-performing dogs that combines travel safety technology with enhanced safety, comfort and, control features for everyday use. This harness is heavy-duty and easy to use without sacrificing safety. Shock absorbing sleeves work with a broad padded vest and a patented Infinity Loop design for performance and safety in the car or when used for other outdoor activities like walking or hiking. Designed with the working and service dogs in mind but equally comfortable for the family dog. Clickit Terrain was rigorously tested to include the same dynamic crash testing that ensures the performance of child safety restraints. Reflective patches on the rear can be interchanged with service patches for working dogs. The harness only requires a seat belt in the rear seat of the vehicle. Can also be used as a walking harness. Comes with an S-Clip, and a Buckle Shield. It can be augmented with the Terrain Pack and various Terrain Patches. The Terrain Pack (not available in size small) is a dog backpack with a handle that offers extra control for the dog handler. Only for use with the Clickit Terrain dog harnesses.

Features: Certified by the Center for Pet Safety for dogs from 18-90 lbs.

- Strength tested for use as a walking harness
- Crash tested for use as a car seat belt
- Broad, cushioned, energy-absorbing vest for safer travel
- Shock absorbing sleeves
- Quick connection and release
- Double D-ring connection for the leash
- Reflective patches and logo for added visibility at night
- Removable Velcro patches can be switched out for service or personalized patches
- Four connection loops for Terrain Pack compatibility
- Extra padding for all-day comfort
- Seat belt grade straps with anti-slip grip
- Adjustable straps for a customized fit
- Luggage grade exterior vest
- Removable elastic bands to keep excess straps tidy

Small: 17.5-22" chest
Medium: 21.5-27.5" chest
Large: 26-32" chest
XLarge: 31.5-39.5" chest

*Please Note: Due to the unique body types of breeds like Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Afghan Hounds, and Borzoi, this harness might not offer the proper fit.

Each product has a unique size chart. Your dog is not going to be the same size in every item. Please measure your dog and refer to the size chart on each product page before making a selection.

Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped outside of the United States.