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Emperor Rings Pressure Mount Hallway Dog Gate

$231.00 USD

The Emperor Rings dog gate is an impressive piece of modern pet barrier architecture. Constructed from heavy-duty wrought iron and steel, this gate is a favorite among traditionalists and modernists alike for its sleek appearance, ornamental iron rings and it's the ability to hold up the strongest of breeds. This dog gate is sturdy, easy to install and require no drilling.

Colors: Black, Mocha

Size: 32" tall x 34"-39" wide (max). When the dog gate is fully extended, open spaces on each side can reach 4". Latch hardware may vary slightly.


a) Dog gate Extension comes with extension pressure mount screws and measures 32" tall x 5 1/4" wide. Maximum of 2 per gate.

b) Dog gate Gap Filler works with existing pressure mount screws and measures 32" tall x 2 1/2" wide. This item does not increase the max-width of the dog gate but does decrease the minimum to 30 1/2".

This item is not eligible for return/exchange.

Shipping Restriction: This item can only be shipped to the United States or Canada.

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