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Engraved Nameplate Waterproof Dog Collar The Sonny

$47.00 USD

This dog collar is waterproof and holds up great in sunlight. Impervious to dirt, moisture, and odors, these collars rinse clean in seconds with a little soap and water. The design is UV print layered onto coated webbing, which has proven durability in applications where safety, cleanability, flexibility, and strength are critical.

It is particularly great for active dogs where strength, odor resistance, and waterproofing are required, but they are equally elegant and fashionable for any dog. Easy to clean, flexible, abrasion-resistant, and strong, you can’t go wrong with this dog collar.

- Made of BioThane material that is super durable. The BioThane material has a core of super strong polyester webbing. Sturdy chrome or black hardware matched with our durable BioThane material makes this collar virtually indestructible! No more torn fabric or teeth marks - ruff play is welcome! Crack & fade resistant!

- Your pup can be free to splash and play in the mud to their heart’s desire! These collars can be easily and quickly hand-washed in the sink with light soap!

- The impervious and non-porous BioThane material prevents the growth of microorganisms and bacteria that are unhealthy for your dog and generate really bad odors.

- Though sturdy and durable, these collars are pliable and ergonomically designed so they are super comfy and a pleasure for your pup to wear!

- No more noisy, uncomfortable dog tags hanging from their collar. You can add your dog’s name and phone number right to your collar. Use the optional third line customization for either a second phone number or saying such as, "Microchipped" or "Service Dog".

- The optional matching leash is solid black in the center and has the collar pattern on the handle and near the leash hook.

Hardware Colors: Silver, Black

Collar Sizes:
Size 14: 3/4" x 11-14" neck
Size 16: 3/4" x 13-16" neck
Size 18: 3/4" x 15-18" neck
Size 20: 3/4" x 17-20" neck
Size 22: 1" x 19-22" neck
Size 24: 1" x 21-24" neck
Size 26: 1" x 23-26" neck

Leash Sizes:
3/4" x 48" Leash
3/4" x 60" Leash
3/4" x 72" Leash

This item is custom-made to order. Returns/Exchanges are not accepted. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Each product has a unique size chart. Your dog is not going to be the same size in every item. Please measure your dog and refer to the size chart on each product page before selecting.