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Fitpet Ahead Urinalysis Kit For Dogs

$20.00 USD

Ahead Plus and Ahead by Fitpet is an application-based urine test kit that enables pet owners to identify up to 10 common illnesses such as UTI, bladder stones and diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and more at your own convenience in just 1 minute. Fitpet has also been certified with an accuracy of 99.6% by the Korean Animal Medical Science Institute. 

Ahead consists of only 1 urine test.

Ahead Plus comes with 1 urine test Plus urine collection tools: gloves, a cup for collecting pee, and a non-absorbing pee pad.

Before starting, upload your dog's data to the FITPET app!

Step 1: Quickly dip and coat all squares on the test strip in the urine
Step 2: Gently tap strip sides on the absorbent pad
Step 3: Wait 60 seconds
Step 4: Place strip on the color chart
Step 5: Scan photo via FitPet app
Note: Make sure circles are true to color and in all squares (take in natural lighting)
Step 6: Check Results

PLEASE NOTE: This product is not a substitute for veterinary care. Ahead is a simple starter test, not a confirmed test. If you notice any abnormalities, visit a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.