MIGHTY! Mini Personal Alarm Green Camo


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Emergencies can and do happen. Are you out walking your dog at night? Live in an area where small animals are prey to wildlife? Feel protected and attract attention fast when you need it. Press the button on your safety charm and your path is illuminated by your personal LED glow light. If you are alone and something is not right, a quick press of the other button sends a screeching signal for help.

Quick Look 
- Piercing 125-decibel alarm sounds instantly with a push of a button
- Handy LED safety light for illumination of dark places
- Oversized lobster clip easily attaches to backpacks, keychains, purses, dog leashes, etc.
- No age, TSA, or carrying restrictions (TSA compliant on airplanes)
- Replaceable A23 battery included

Shipping Restriction: This item cannot be shipped outside the United States.

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MIGHTY! Mini Personal Alarm Green Camo

MIGHTY! Mini Personal Alarm Green Camo